About Us

Aravali Infratech, a horticulturist of dreams, sows the seeds of luxury and growth in the fertile soil of real estate. Our vibrant bouquet of premier projects, including the blossoming Hill View Estate, reflects our commitment to cultivating beauty, innovation, and a sanctuary of serenity in every petal of our endeavours.

Our Core Values

  • Committed to delivering the best
  • Honest and transparent services
  • We care for your business just like ours
  • Keep learning and adapting to new technologies

Our Mission

In the realm of real estate, Aravali Infratech cultivates a mission to shine as the quintessence of trust and excellence. We pledge to nurture lasting partnerships by delivering unparalleled services, surpassing expectations with expertise, and guiding our clients toward the lush fields of prosperity in their investments.

Our Vision

Embarking on a floral odyssey, Aravali Infratech aspires to blossom into the revered maestro of real estate. Our mission is to cultivate trust and surpass expectations, crafting enduring partnerships with clients. With concrete beliefs of quality and integrity, we aim to bloom into a symbol of prosperity and excellence.


Aravali Infratech Pvt. Ltd is a company that was established in 2011 and has been involved
in the development of educational institutions in the Faridabad and Panchkula region since
then. The company’s journey began with the establishment of Aravali International Schools
and Colleges, and it has since worked closely with government bodies in the education
sector. Over the years, Aravali Infratech Pvt. Ltd has earned a reputation for delivering iconic
structures in the field of education, contributing to the growth and development of
educational institutions in the region.

What Our Clients Say

Great experience, great property. I fell in love with Hill View Estate the first time I saw it. All the natives of Haryana must visit this property.
A society which feels like home. The property is gorgeous, luxe and affordable at the same time. Feels amazing to be here!
Gaurav Sharma
Just the home of my dreams. The lush green surroundings and society's facilities are a perfect combination.
Vishal Tomar
The location of Hill View Estate is really amazing. It is located on the growth corridor of Chandigarh and provides easy access to the airport which is really helpful.
Prerna Singh